Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, invoices can be paid with a credit card through PayPal.  We will send you an invoice via PayPal which you can pay with any accepted credit card.  You do not have to have a PayPal account.  

Will you invoice new customers?

New customers must pay for the first order before shipment.  Processing the payment on a credit card is the fastest way to pay for an order.  Checks are accepted, but the order will not be shipped until the check has cleared the bank.  After the first order, an account can be set up where invoices can be sent at the time of shipping. ALL INVOICES ARE DUE AND PAYABLE UPON RECEIPT.

What type of art files are acceptable

PNG, EPS, JPG are usually acceptable.  If you have something different, let us know and we'll investigate it to see if it is appropriate for your job.  Call BURKS at 916 344.0652 or email at sales@burksprintingandpromotions.com 

What if my business has tax exempt status?

To avoid being charged sales tax, you must send us a copy of your State Resale/Exemption Certificate.  If we do not receive this certificate, you will be charged sales tax on all orders.

Marketing Tip of the Month

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